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Edinburgh, Scotland

Beltane Fire Festival

EDINBURGH EXPAT | If there is one thing we do too little of in contemporary daily life, it is convulsing our naked, crudely painted bodies around a giant burning sculpture to the sound of aggressively beaten drums.

Keep calm and keep fit

EDINBURGH EXPAT | Consider this statement in the context of Australia and suddenly our reputation as a sporting nation becomes more a matter of logic rather than a testament to our power of will. We spend a lot of time outdoors, because we can.

crowded houses

Embrace the space, or lack thereof

EDINBURGH EXPAT | Australia was established as a penal colony because there was no space left in the correctional facilities in Britain. Centuries later the lack of space in the UK continues to present challenges, as our Edinburgh Expert is all too aware.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Pleasance Courtyard

Festival fever: On Edinburgh Festivals

With the start of the Edinburgh Festival season fast approaching, it's time for our Edinburgh Expat to get to work. On the list is everything from the Science Festival to the Film Festival, the Book Festival through to the Military Tattoo. Topping it all off - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ...

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies is pulling no punches

Punched on stage, banned by Christian groups and hated by ‘many’, Jim Jefferies is one Aussie comedian who is seriously turning heads. PAUL BLEAKLEY finds out how this ‘unknown bloke back home’ cracked America, how he keeps cracking up people around the world, and how he’s moved on from the ...


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