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Matt Parker – Stand-up Mathematician

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Matt Parker used skills learnt as a maths teacher to springboard into a new career in London - stand-up mathematician. Matt now does regular stand-up on his favourite topic, as well as spots on TV and radio talking all things maths and education. Add in regular ...

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies is pulling no punches

Punched on stage, banned by Christian groups and hated by ‘many’, Jim Jefferies is one Aussie comedian who is seriously turning heads. PAUL BLEAKLEY finds out how this ‘unknown bloke back home’ cracked America, how he keeps cracking up people around the world, and how he’s moved on from the ...

Pam Ann

Pam Ann tells London Aussies You F’Coffee

Fasten your seatbelts and turn off all electric devices: Pam Ann has touched down in the UK and is ready to give London audiences the ride of their lives. Aussie Pam shares a couple nostalgic words about her homeland with BIANCA SOLDANI and explains the challenges involved in wowing her ...

The man behind the tape

It takes a great show to sell out a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but takes an even greater show to come back the next year with the same show, upgrade to a larger venue and sell it out once again. That's exactly what The Boy With Tape On ...

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