Month: January 2013

Ruby UK breakfast

A healthy Ruby year to you

Ruby UK, a network for professional women in the UK, kicked off its first event for the year with the theme, “New Year, New You” at Whole Foods Market. It provided a unique opportunity for Aussie women in London to exchange ideas, share knowledge and become inspired.

Little Britain S3

Chav camouflage

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | This week our sleuth tries to cement his reputation as 'the chav whisper' by going undercover, complete with camouflage to pass undetected into their ranks.


Highlands Highlights: Scotland explored

With a five day tour of the Scottish Highlands so full of highlights it couldn’t all be featured in one article, LEE CROSSLEY is back to present days 4-5 of his definitive run down of the amazing sights and sounds of Scotland. With Edinburgh only two hours from London by ...

girl - landscape

Stay classless, Australia

It is hard for an Aussie to live in the UK and not notice the pervasive influence of class, woven into the cultural fabric of English society. Whilst the idea of an Australian classless society may be an 'egalitarian myth' , it is, as CATHERINE BURRELL argues, an important part ...

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