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Making a meal of it

THE WHOLE MEAL | A new column from food blogger Ally Juchnevicius will explore healthy living and eating in London. Over the coming weeks Ally will sort the myths from the must-dos, the food fantasies from the facts, in order to help you buy smart and eat well.


Scott Hallsworth – Wabi Executive Chef & Co-Founder

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Scott Hallsworth is executive chef and co-founder of Wabi, specialising in innovative and seasonal Japanese cuisine with a contemporary European twist. Previously head chef of Nobu London, Scott has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of gastronomy and creating unique and interesting menus.

Aussie food

True blue Tucker: the Australian flavour in London

We may not have a definitive Australian "food" (besides pavlova), but the Australian influence can often be strongly felt in the style, flavours and presentation of dishes in Australian owned or operated cafes and restaurants. We've sourced five of the best London spots to find yourself a little taste of ...


Run Rabbit, Run

CHRIS’S KITCHEN | Maze Grill’s Head Chef Chris Arkadieff has recently added wild rabbit to the menu, with great success. Here he shows us his favourite rabbit recipe with Puy lentils.


Dinner party delights at Lantana’s Supper Club

REVIEW | Well known for its excellent coffee and convivial hospitality, Lantana is already a stalwart favourite amongst the London Aussie expat crowd. However, as PADDY MCCRAE discovers, there is now another reason to add it to your list of regular haunts — the sublime ‘shin dig’ offered at their ...

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