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Mobile phone texting

UR fired! LOL

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | One of the key factors in being a successful leader is the ability to connect and build rapport with those around you. When it comes to effective communication, face-to-face will always win out over texts.

Public Speaking

The joy of public speaking

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | Just the idea of speaking in public is enough to make many of us break out into a cold sweat. But what are we actually so afraid of? Here we highlight some of the common reasons why we become so scared of public speaking, and ...

Saying No

“No” is not a dirty word

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | My English friends always point out how easy going we Australians are and how happily Aussies say “yes” to most things. However, whether at work or at home, always saying “yes” can sometimes put us between a rock and a hard place. Learn how to ...


You’re the voice?!

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | One things Aussies like is a good conversation. We are a curious bunch. We love to ask questions and find out about others. But there is an art to asking questions that goes beyond just the words we say. Sometimes questions can sound like an ...


Using your body for impact

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | We Aussies love getting up close and personal: throwing a thumbs up as a true blue way of showing we are happy to be around someone. However, despite our best intentions, our message may not be making the right impact.


Lights, camera, BFI Southbank

BRON IN THE DON | For our resident London adventurer, going to the movies is one of her all-time favourite activities. That’s why, when offered the chance to tick #18 of her London Top 100 list and visit the BFI on the Southbank, she jumped at the chance and busted ...

Keep left

Keep left (or face the penalty!)

LOST IN LONDON | For those of you that know me, you’ll know that sometimes the mere act of standing upright is a challenge, let alone propelling forward in a horizontal motion (otherwise known as walking). And that’s when there is a clear path ahead of me, and the occasional ...


I’m jubileed off

LOST IN LONDON | Yes, I know the Jubilee was months ago. And yes, there has been, oh I don’t know, the little matter of the Olympics in the meantime to help delete the collective memory of the BBC's coverage pondering how many toilet breaks the Royals would have needed ...


So hipsters do exercise after all

LOST IN LONDON | You could be forgiven for thinking that in between all the double shot soy macchiatos and accessorising with a well-teamed top hat and mismatching colored socks tucked into scuffed brogues, that there is little time left in the day for hipsters to get those exercise endorphins ...

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