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Highland Fling: a weekend in Aberdeenshire

I’VE HAD the pleasure of visiting most major cities and regions north of the border, but only now have I made it to the 'granite city' of Aberdeen and its surrounding county, which since medieval times has been the richest and most fertile region of the Highlands. One notable feature ...

Beltane Fire Festival

EDINBURGH EXPAT | If there is one thing we do too little of in contemporary daily life, it is convulsing our naked, crudely painted bodies around a giant burning sculpture to the sound of aggressively beaten drums.

Keep calm and keep fit

EDINBURGH EXPAT | Consider this statement in the context of Australia and suddenly our reputation as a sporting nation becomes more a matter of logic rather than a testament to our power of will. We spend a lot of time outdoors, because we can.

crowded houses

Embrace the space, or lack thereof

EDINBURGH EXPAT | Australia was established as a penal colony because there was no space left in the correctional facilities in Britain. Centuries later the lack of space in the UK continues to present challenges, as our Edinburgh Expert is all too aware.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Pleasance Courtyard

Festival fever: On Edinburgh Festivals

With the start of the Edinburgh Festival season fast approaching, it's time for our Edinburgh Expat to get to work. On the list is everything from the Science Festival to the Film Festival, the Book Festival through to the Military Tattoo. Topping it all off - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ...


Highlands Highlights: Scotland explored

With a five day tour of the Scottish Highlands so full of highlights it couldn’t all be featured in one article, LEE CROSSLEY is back to present days 4-5 of his definitive run down of the amazing sights and sounds of Scotland. With Edinburgh only two hours from London by ...


Highlands Highlights: Scotland discovered

Scotland is a country of rolling green hills, beautiful scenery, and a fascinating history, all in an easily accessible, friendly and fun package. LEE CROSSLEY embarks on a five-day tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye, so full of highlights he can’t share it all in one go. ...

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