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London, capital city of England and the United Kingdom

The Art of Manliness

In recent years, manliness has found itself under assault by make-up companies, diet gurus and even breweries. But there are a group of Aussie men who are bringing the fight to the UK. Men, manly men!

I heart Kiwis

GO HARD OR GO HOME: There's a myth here in the UK that Australians and Kiwis don’t get along. I’d never heard of this so-called rivalry until I moved to the UK and, well, I really don’t like it.


Why Aussies move to London

Why do Aussies make the tortuous slog to a place where warm beer, 4pm darkness and bitterly cold winters are staple? Well, there's a whole host of reasons. From travel to music and even careers, Aussies are finding it all in London.


Aussie music tearing London apart

Summer is always a busy time for Aussie music in London. And that means our resident music editor, Paul Judge, is kept even busier. He's seen some stunning Aussie acts recently from Tame Impala and Ash Grunwald. Check out his reviews.

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