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London, capital city of England and the United Kingdom

London Snow

London snow: Let it snow

Almost six weeks ago I arrived in Surrey to a so called 'mild' English winter. Despite constant assurances about my luck to be enjoying toasty five degree days, I was freezing, not to mention bewildered at how shy the sun was. And then came the snow!

Snow in London

London snow: Nice to snow you

Forget the state of the European Union. Don’t even bother about last weekend’s football scores. Disregard Bieber. Fashion Week. TfL... Well, maybe not TfL. Because if there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to get a response to, it’s the statement that ‘apparently it’s meant to snow today’.

Chinatown in London

Heading down to Chinatown in London

BRON IN THE DON | There is one thing that you’re certain to find in almost any capital city across the world - a Chinatown. London is no different and our resident explorer headed down to the ‘English version’ of Chinatown to tick #25 off her London’s Top 100 list.


I still call Australia home

I looked at Facebook over breakfast and it was alive with talk of sun, sea, sand, steak, salads, sheilas, beer, BBQs, blokes, cricket and a day off. I pulled on my green and gold and tried to think warm thoughts as I struggled into my London winter coat.

Seeing a West End show in London

BRON IN THE DON | When one thinks of a London Top 100 list, your mind automatically pictures cultural activities that will have you writing home to mum. That’s exactly what our London adventurer found this week when she ticked number 92 of the list and visited the West End.

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