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The Aussie expat facelift

Aussie expat figures may not be what they used to, but the Australian influence over London life is increasing through new and different ways. What does this mean for the identity of Australians in the UK? It’s time to talk.

Amy Firth Singer Songwriter

Amy Firth – Singer/Songwriter

EXPAT FACTOR | Raised west of Sydney in the cloud-cloaked (and recently bush fire ravaged) villages of the Blue Mountains, Amy Firth is an Australian singer/songwriter living in London. She recently released her second EP on iTunes entitled 'Watchmaker's Daughter'. Amy is also the founder of The Vulnerability Project, which ...

Jeremy Gask Racehorse Trainer Expat Factor

Jeremy Gask — Racehorse Trainer

EXPAT FACTOR | Jeremy Gask is an Australian Racehorse Trainer from South Australia, now based in England with Horses First Racing. Jeremy was a semi-professional footballer and junior state cricketer before embarking on a horse training career. Having trained over 250 winners in Australia, Jeremy has helped create a top ...

Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole

Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole in London

London coffee-shop chain Harris + Hoole seeks to achieve something of a paradox - a mass-produced artesian family-owned coffee-shop offering corporate convenience packaged as an individualised experience. Whether it will prove successful may ultimately depend on one thing - the coffee.

Bowie Jane — Lawyer and Popstar

EXPAT FACTOR | Australian singer/songwriter Bowie Jane is a professionally trained lawyer, with a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws. For years she lived a double life, practicing criminal law by day before rushing to gigs at night. Bowie Jane now lives in the UK, and ...

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