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Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole

Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole in London

London coffee-shop chain Harris + Hoole seeks to achieve something of a paradox - a mass-produced artesian family-owned coffee-shop offering corporate convenience packaged as an individualised experience. Whether it will prove successful may ultimately depend on one thing - the coffee.

Photo of dinner

Making a meal of it

THE WHOLE MEAL | A new column from food blogger Ally Juchnevicius will explore healthy living and eating in London. Over the coming weeks Ally will sort the myths from the must-dos, the food fantasies from the facts, in order to help you buy smart and eat well.

Satsuma - Pods (2)

Satsuma in Soho

REVIEW | Japanese food features heavily on every Australian's favourite dining experiences. With not one, but five Japanese favourites on my list back home, it's been a long search to find a replacement in London. This week I continued the hunt with Satsuma in Soho.

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