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Kathy Lette Australian in London

Kathy Lette – Author

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Kathy Lette is an Australian author who has lived in London for over 20 years. Kathy has written a number of bestselling books including Puberty Blues, How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints), To Love, Honour & Betray, Mad Cows and Foetal Attraction. ...


Matt Parker – Stand-up Mathematician

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Matt Parker used skills learnt as a maths teacher to springboard into a new career in London - stand-up mathematician. Matt now does regular stand-up on his favourite topic, as well as spots on TV and radio talking all things maths and education. Add in regular ...


Scott Hallsworth – Wabi Executive Chef & Co-Founder

THE EXPAT FACTOR | Scott Hallsworth is executive chef and co-founder of Wabi, specialising in innovative and seasonal Japanese cuisine with a contemporary European twist. Previously head chef of Nobu London, Scott has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of gastronomy and creating unique and interesting menus.

Public Speaking

The joy of public speaking

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | Just the idea of speaking in public is enough to make many of us break out into a cold sweat. But what are we actually so afraid of? Here we highlight some of the common reasons why we become so scared of public speaking, and ...

Saying No

“No” is not a dirty word

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | My English friends always point out how easy going we Australians are and how happily Aussies say “yes” to most things. However, whether at work or at home, always saying “yes” can sometimes put us between a rock and a hard place. Learn how to ...


You’re the voice?!

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | One things Aussies like is a good conversation. We are a curious bunch. We love to ask questions and find out about others. But there is an art to asking questions that goes beyond just the words we say. Sometimes questions can sound like an ...


Using your body for impact

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | We Aussies love getting up close and personal: throwing a thumbs up as a true blue way of showing we are happy to be around someone. However, despite our best intentions, our message may not be making the right impact.

Queensland - Cairns

Hot jobs in sunny Queensland

Whatever your reasons might be for packing up and heading off, you might like to know that the Queensland Government is currently looking to fill over 150,000 job vacancies in various locations and vocations.


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