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The man behind the tape

It takes a great show to sell out a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but takes an even greater show to come back the next year with the same show, upgrade to a larger venue and sell it out once again. That's exactly what The Boy With Tape On ...

Snowtown: a grizzly but awesome Aussie film

It was the story that painted South Australia as the serial killer capital of Australia and made a small country town a tourist attraction for all the wrong reasons. The “bodies in the barrels” case was seemingly made to be portrayed as a Saw style horror film yet director Justin ...

Brimful of Asher

Aussie comedian Asher Treleaven describes his new show Matador, as a "socially responsible comedy with cock jokes". But he won’t hold back when he takes to London stages this week and bluntly asks the question: why are Australians a little bit racist?

The Ballad of Backbone Joe

A murder mystery, rigged boxing match, a foreign Private Eye, voices from beyond the grave and some rollicking good bluegrass tunes. What more could Aussie comedy trio The Suitcase Royale have packed into their show at the Soho Theatre last week?

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