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Cloud Control

Cloud Control to Major Tim

Australian Times Editor TIM MARTIN sat down with Blue Mountains-born brother and sister, Heidi and Ulrich Lenffer, ahead of their band's huge NME Awards Show gig this Friday. Chatting about everything from Aussie fans and breaking into Europe to sky diving and family fights on tour - we get the ...

Simply fantashtic

RIGHT SAID ED | If you're reading this and your calender hasn't flipped into 2012, then you still have time to donate to the thing that is growing on my top lip - yep, my Movember moustache! You still have time to donate to anyone's for that matter.

The Kangaroos are Gal-vanised

The Kangaroos kick start their Four Nations rugby league tournament against New Zealand this Friday. TIM MARTIN caught up with Kangaroos hard man Paul Gallen to chat about a possible UK career, how the Blues will win Origin and the best Aussie players to tour with.

Lachie Chapman is a Gambling Man

When Sydney boy Lachie Chapman moved to London six years ago, little did he know the drastic direction his life would soon take. Now a member of the hugely successful singing group The Overtones, the booming baritone told TIM MARTIN just what it’s like to be a UK hit.

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