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Rylan Clark

Man-scaping madness

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | Whether you are chav or posh boy, hipster or hooligan, Australian or Brit, there is one thing that men across the world have in common — image is everything, especially in a cultural melting pot like London.

Lad's weekend

Lad’s weekend

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | Aussie men may think they have perfected the art of male bonding with their footy match getaways, but it has nothing on the British lad’s weekend for shared shame and debaucherous glory.

Little Britain S3

Chav camouflage

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | This week our sleuth tries to cement his reputation as 'the chav whisper' by going undercover, complete with camouflage to pass undetected into their ranks.


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