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Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole

Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole in London

London coffee-shop chain Harris + Hoole seeks to achieve something of a paradox - a mass-produced artesian family-owned coffee-shop offering corporate convenience packaged as an individualised experience. Whether it will prove successful may ultimately depend on one thing - the coffee.


Dinner party delights at Lantana’s Supper Club

REVIEW | Well known for its excellent coffee and convivial hospitality, Lantana is already a stalwart favourite amongst the London Aussie expat crowd. However, as PADDY MCCRAE discovers, there is now another reason to add it to your list of regular haunts — the sublime ‘shin dig’ offered at their ...


Best Australian coffee shops in London

As an Australian living in London, you probably crave the coffees so easily available Down Under. So, if you are after a Tim Tam and the best flat white or even a Violet Crumble with your top roast bean, sip no further than our list of recommended Australian coffee shops ...


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