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Craig Emerson

Has the Aussie voting public disengaged?

THE HARD WORD | Australian MP Craig Emerson's rendition of the Sky Hooks classic ‘Horror Movie’ went viral. But why the ridiculous, pre-meditated nonsense? Is it cheap PR? Or a desperate, far-fetched attempt to gain traction with a message, in an ever-demanding 24 hour news cycle?

The two Queens of Australia - Her Majesty and Black Caviar

A royal affair at Ascot

It wasn’t the Royal Enclosure but it was silver, sparkling and very racy. It was the Royal Ascot Silver Ring and orange and black spots were worn patriotically in support of our very own Black Caviar who did us all proud and contributed to yet another thing the Aussies do ...

Black Caviar

All hail the king and queen of Ascot

THE HARD WORD | Please can we give up on the misguided attempts to pigeon hole incredible animals like Black Caviar and Frankel, and refrain making unfair comparisons. Can’t we simply just celebrate their striking beauty and phenomenal achievements and leave them be.

Aussie BBQ in the UK

Barbie mates and backyard etiquette

A bloke who has two hobbies in life is very blessed, and therefore so I am. My first love is of the BBQ — a man’s domain. My other passion is beer. So, when I get the chance to fuse my hobbies together like a Hayden and Langer partnership, I ...

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