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Lana Penrose & Russell Brand

London loving | Playing the dating game

Dating in London as an Australian can be as terrifying as moving to... say, Greece, without speaking the language. Bestselling author and ex-Aussie expat in London Lana Penrose shares her London dating experiences; from vampire, to crack addict to being rejected by Russell Brand.

Rylan Clark

Man-scaping madness

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | Whether you are chav or posh boy, hipster or hooligan, Australian or Brit, there is one thing that men across the world have in common — image is everything, especially in a cultural melting pot like London.

girl - landscape

Stay classless, Australia

It is hard for an Aussie to live in the UK and not notice the pervasive influence of class, woven into the cultural fabric of English society. Whilst the idea of an Australian classless society may be an 'egalitarian myth' , it is, as CATHERINE BURRELL argues, an important part ...


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