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Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole

Coffee Cult visits Harris + Hoole in London

London coffee-shop chain Harris + Hoole seeks to achieve something of a paradox - a mass-produced artesian family-owned coffee-shop offering corporate convenience packaged as an individualised experience. Whether it will prove successful may ultimately depend on one thing - the coffee.


Best Australian coffee shops in London

As an Australian living in London, you probably crave the coffees so easily available Down Under. So, if you are after a Tim Tam and the best flat white or even a Violet Crumble with your top roast bean, sip no further than our list of recommended Australian coffee shops ...


Something hot is brewing…

“You just can’t get a good cup of coffee in London.” We’ve all heard this common refrain, particularly from Antipodeans. However, it’s simply not true — you just have to know where to go. London’s coffee culture is evolving fast and Aussies are proudly leading the charge. Christian Taylor sips ...



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