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Julia Gillard

Male voters desert Gillard in latest poll

Recent polling suggests that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s attempt to reignite a political gender war has backfired, with the embattled Labor leader losing significant support amongst male voters after claiming that Tony Abbott would marginalise women and change abortion rights if elected to government.

The importance of diversity in the workplace

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | 8 March is International Women's Day - a global day of recognition and celebration of women. However, there is still more to be done to encourage gender diversity in management and senior business positions in order to gain from the benefits of a diversified workplace.


Community must answer when victims get blamed

One can only imagine the distress and heartache that Jill Meagher’s family and friends surely experienced in the long days following her disappearance. Not knowing what may have happened to her, who might be involved and when they may see her again, there was, in that time nothing for them ...


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