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Together, forever: Systems for life and work

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | We live in an intertwined world of systems — families, communities, teams and organisations. Our choices lead to actions and reactions which affect others in the system. Nothing works in isolation and awareness of the systems in which we operate is key.

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Whose script are you living?

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | A scripted life could be holding you back from new experiences, as in the quest for comfort and safety we can become so habitual that we become stuck in our ways. Is your predefined script preventing you from living a full life?

Investing in the future

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | Young people need to be informed, inspired and motivated about future decisions. Claire Young is helping students raise their aspirations and think big through a new start up scheme for under 18s.


Drug use at work: is your workplace at risk?

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | Recent revelations of drug use in Australian sport have prompted a reflection on the prevalence of drugs in society. In the UK, Australians have been questioned about their reputation as the “great sporting nation”. If our revered sporting profession is not immune to the effects ...

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UR fired! LOL

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | One of the key factors in being a successful leader is the ability to connect and build rapport with those around you. When it comes to effective communication, face-to-face will always win out over texts.


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