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Lest We Forget – Anzac Day 2011

More than 100,000 Australians, roughly the same number to have died in war, gathered at Anzac Day services around the world on 25 April, 2011. From Australia to the shores of Gallipoli and battle sites in Asia and Europe, Australians remembered all of their war dead.

Gallipoli: From foes to friends

The battle at Gallipoli is truly a unique tale — it’s a story of warring sides who became friends when the fighting ended. In total, 26,111 casualties resulted from Gallipoli, including 8709 deaths. Now, thousands of Aussies make the pilgrimage each year to commemorate Anzac Day.

Lend Legacy a hand this ANZAC Day

Are you able to lend a hand in the lead up to ANZAC Day on April 25? Legacy is a volunteer organisation dedicated to caring for the families of deceased veterans. The London branch cares for Australian war widows in 37 countries. They are seeking the support of volunteers to ...

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