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AFL Rubdown | Round 6

THE AFL RUBDOWN | This was the weekend we had to have. I mean it definitely wasn’t a bad round of footy; it was just a little bit predictable. Tipsters will be feeling like Nostradamus, as many would have successfully picked the nine wins.

carlton richmond

A plague on both your AFL houses

AFL is many things. For some it’s a slight distraction for a few hours, for others, it’s the life force that flows through us and surrounds us, overcoming us with emotion and making other trivial aspects of existence seem insignificant (like food shopping).

Pies v Blues

Getting a bit too big for their AFL boots

THE AFL RUBDOWN | It’s happened again. The golden cliché that all clubs are supposed to live and die by has claimed some major casualties, and they don’t get much bigger than Collingwood and Essendon - falling victim to the most ancient rule in competitive team sports — ‘ONE WEEK ...

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