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Ruby UK breakfast

A healthy Ruby year to you

Ruby UK, a network for professional women in the UK, kicked off its first event for the year with the theme, “New Year, New You” at Whole Foods Market. It provided a unique opportunity for Aussie women in London to exchange ideas, share knowledge and become inspired.

Public Speaking

The joy of public speaking

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | Just the idea of speaking in public is enough to make many of us break out into a cold sweat. But what are we actually so afraid of? Here we highlight some of the common reasons why we become so scared of public speaking, and ...

Saying No

“No” is not a dirty word

ASTUTE AUSSIE IN LONDON | My English friends always point out how easy going we Australians are and how happily Aussies say “yes” to most things. However, whether at work or at home, always saying “yes” can sometimes put us between a rock and a hard place. Learn how to ...


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