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Accelerate British Council arts program

ACCELERATE; a powerful arts tool

Five of Australia’s most talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander creative practitioners have arrived in the UK to take part in the British Council’s annual ACCELERATE programme. High Commissioner Mike Rann welcomed them at a special event at the BT Tower.


Hundreds march for Mabo anniversary

On June 3, 1992, the High Court handed down its decision in the Mabo case, overturning 200 years of the common law assumption of terra nullius - the idea that Australia belonged to no-one when European settlers arrived.

Australian Aboriginal flag

Surviving Invasion Day

At this time of year millions of Australians living at home, and abroad, unleash a peculiar brand of patriotism. Yet year after year the question of what being Australian really means is raised, and year after year we make little progress on finding an answer.

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