Same-sex marriage ‘No’ campaign had “moral integrity of Trevor Chappell”, says Magda

Same-sex marriage ‘No’ campaign had “moral integrity of Trevor Chappell”, says Magda

Actress and LGBTQI activist Magda Szubanski calls for national unity following ‘Yes’ result in marriage equality vote, but then lashes out at ‘No’ campaign.

Magda Szubanski has called for unity following the ‘Yes’ result in Australia’s same-sex marriage survey, then lashed out at the proponents of ‘No’

“It’s a win for all,” the jubilant actress and comedian, who has been a prominent campaigner for marriage equality, told the large crowd gathered in the centre of Sydney to welcome the expected ‘Yes’ result.

“No matter what the result would have been, I would never have treated anyone who voted ‘No’ with anything less than respect,” Szubanski said, striking a more serious tone.

“I would never not serve them, I would never not be funny for them.

“None of us, none of us can live in a bubble where we try to pretend that other people don’t exist.

“We must find ways to reach out our hands across the divide that’s been created by this unfortunate survey and go forward with a deep and good faith understanding of one another as a nation.”

Later though, Szubanski couldn’t help taking a final swing at the ‘No’ campaign.

Speaking to Nine’s Today Extra programme, the actress said: “When the announcement finally came through it was the most incredible relief, and joy, and feeling of love, and just sadness that we’ve been through this.”

“The ‘No’ campaign have had the moral integrity of Trevor Chappell with the underarm bowl and really, that Australians have seen through that is great,” she added.

Bryce Lowry

Bryce Lowry

Publisher and Editor of Australian Times.