Cutest Tim Tam slam ever, USA style [WATCH]

Cutest Tim Tam slam ever, USA style [WATCH]

VIDEO: The USA has cottoned on to the chocolatey Australian delicacy of Tim Tams… they are even slamming them, as this all-American cutie-pie explains.

We didn’t even know you could get Tim Tams in the United States. Not only can you find them (although reports suggest those sugar lovin’ Americans whip ‘em off the shelves faster than Arnott’s can ship them), but the yanks have even discovered the classic ‘Tim Tam slam’ technique.

Let this cute as apple pie, all American Tim Tam fan explain…

Meanwhile, to bring the Tim Tam addiction to more Americans, Arnott’s have taken to employing the likes of this tech vlogger to sing its chocolatey praises…

What ever happened to not telling anyone where the Tim Tam’s are?


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