Tips for creating a classic home

Tips for creating a classic home

When looking to settle into your ideal home, your preferences will obviously be different to the next person’s.

Hence, there are so many options for you to choose from when it comes to what your home to look and feel like. Here, we are going to look at how you can create a classic home, with elegant vibes. Though it often feels hard to do, it just takes a few key things to tie it altogether. The trick is to know these traits, and familiarise yourself with them. And then of course, get to work by looking for places that can help you achieve it.

Neutral Hues

Bright colours are not often seen in classic homes. They tend to stick to more neutral shades such as pastels or creams. People have ventured a little further nowadays, trying out other colours in the same light shades, so they are not confined to whites, beiges and the like. Neutral colours lift up the look of the home, and allows you to place similar interior décor such as couches, cushions and table mats in patterns that are largely reflective of this, yet break it up with bold accents occasionally. Let the neutral shades be your guide and the rest will flow.


If you have not thought of it yet, why not consider installing timber battens? Wood tends to effortlessly uplift a house’s ambience purely due to its timeless aesthetic and nature. Opting for wood in as many parts of your house as you can is an effective way to ensure your house sticks to its classical theme. Hardwood floors, balconies and window/door frames are all things that can incorporate wood, so if you can afford it, most definitely give it a look.


Antiques can be expensive depending on what you opt for, so again, go with your budget. Wood and antiques seem to go hand-in-hand anyway, which is why this would be the perfect addition if you are opting for it. There are many interesting things you can look for, to place in the rooms and other areas. Even antiques from many different countries can add a substantial amount of ‘oomph’ that immediately elevates the surrounding space so start digging them up!

Stay Minimal

You only need one or two things that add a touch of extravagance to add depth to your home. The rest of it is all about being minimal. If you can, hire an interior designer to help you. They often have the best contacts, and can hunt up interesting things for you to consider. Even things you might not have thought of before. The key to ensuring your house gives off that classic feel, is to not overload it by any means. You can add some plants around if you like, since plants have the ability to liven up any living space, classic or otherwise. If you are enlisting an interior designer, you have to do your research and make sure you go for one that you not only can afford, but is good at what they do.

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