‘Smelly’ Lycra wearers banned by Aussie restaurant

‘Smelly’ Lycra wearers banned by Aussie restaurant

“No-Lycra” policy imposed by restaurant in Perth.

Lycra wearing cyclists have been banned by a restaurant in Australia.

The newly refurbished Raffles Hotel in Perth has imposed the new dress code after patrons complained on Facebook of “fat” and “old” riders spilling out of their outfits and bike riders being “on the nose”.

The controversy first erupted last week when a group of cyclists were turned away from the restaurant.

“I was absolutely shocked,” cyclist Ross Powell told The West Australian.

“There was no miscommunication: the guy came out and he said, ‘Sorry, we can’t serve you, we have a strict policy of no Lycra’. It was very, very straightforward.”

The restaurant issued an apology, insisting there was a misunderstanding and that confusion had arisen due to safety concerns over the lack of bike racks, customers cycles instead being left to stand against walls near pedestrian paths.

However, following the vocal Facebook response from some of the restaurant’s Lycra-hating customers – some of them accusing the venue of shying away from the bad publicity – according to News.com.au, a sign confirming the “no-Lycra policy” has now been erected.

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