Rudd replaces Beazley for Labor

Rudd replaces Beazley for Labor

New Labor leader Kevin Rudd has flagged industrial relations, climate change, education, health and manufacturing among his policy priorities in a bid to beat Prime Minister John Howard at the next federal election.

Mr Rudd and his running mate Julia Gillard defeated Kim Beazley and his deputy Jenny Macklin in a caucus vote for the party leadership on Monday. During his press conference after the vote, Mr Rudd said he saw workplace policy as a clear “fork in the road” He added that Labor was committed to a program for the future which emphasised fairness.

“When it comes to fairness it goes to not just your rights at work – they are core, they are central – but also your right to decent and equitable education, your right to a decent and equitable health opportunities,’’ he said. “Fairness in the workplace and fairness beyond the workplace.’’

Former Labor leader Kim Beazley had a terrible day, learning of his younger brother David’s death just hours after the vote. He is likely to bow out of politics after 25 years in federal parliament, saying it is time for a new generation in the Labor Party.

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