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YouTube video of racist abuse captures Australia’s darker side

Footage of a racist verbal attack on a French woman in Australia told to “speak English or die” has emerged on YouTube.


Melbourne bus racist verbal attack
COMMUTERS on a Melbourne bus in Australia witnessed an abusive display of violent threats and racism towards a young French woman when verbally attacked for singing a song in her native language by fellow passengers.

A Melbourne stand-up comedian, Mike Nayna, travelling on the bus captured the footage on his phone and posted it to YouTube. It shows three people shouting threats at the women, calling her a bitch, a c— and a dog.

The threats came after the woman, sitting at the back of the bus, started to sing a song in French. A middle-aged man started the attack, saying “speak English or die, mother—er”. He continued “everyone on the bus wants to kill ya! You’re gonna have to get off eventually bitch. You worked that out yet?” and threatens to cut off her breasts.

After a woman further heckles the French commuter, to which she responds “Just go; you can go now”, a man pushing a baby buggy joins in, shouting:

“I’ll f—ing boxcutter you right now, dog, talk to my missus like that.

“Yeah, come on c—, get off. F—ing ding. Look at ya. You’ve been told about four times, get off.”

The man then smashed the window closest to the French women after exiting the bus.

This senseless display of aggression and anger came on a Sunday night at about 10.30pm. Mr Nayna, who captured the footage, has told SMH he is concerned about the mob mentality it demonstrated.

“It didn’t make any sense. There was no logic,” he said.

“It was just weird mob mentality. They were feeding off each other and breaking off into rants and encouraging each other over some racist stuff – it was like a bonding session.”

Although Mr Nayna tried to step in to stop the abuse, he himself was subjected to comments about how black people should sit at the back of the bus.

He said one of the abusive passengers even threatened to “fillet these c—s” with a fishing knife.

He has uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has already received more than 600,000 views, to encourage a national discussion on the issue of racism.

“I don’t care about these people, I feel like they can reap what they sow, so good luck to them, but what I’d prefer to do is … show how embarrassing it is and get people talking about that maybe racism is a problem,” Mr Nayna said.

“I want those people to see it and hopefully it will change the way they think by being shamed.

“There were just a lot of scared faces and confusion … there was just no sense to be made of it.”

The incident has once again raised questions as to the prevalence of racist attitudes in Australia. Previous incidents such as the fatal stabbing of a 21-year-old Indian student in 2010 and the 2005 Cronulla riots have been reported by the international media and have led to a perception that there is an underlying current of intolerance that needs to be addressed in Australian society.

Media outlets in Australia have reported the incident as “shocking” and a “racist tirade”. There has been an expression of outrage on talk-back radio and on tv and news sites.

Victorian police are investigating the incident.

“Victoria Police take incidents like this seriously and detectives from the transit unit are actively investigating,” a spokeswoman said.

Watch Mike Nayna’s YouTube video here:




  1. Mikeyatom says:

    I went to Australia in 1983 and found it so racist that I would never go back there again. Scenically it is a beautiful country, – stunning even, but Australians give it such a bad press. As a white Englishman, they were driving me around Melbourne and Sydney asking me if I’d noticed ‘all the wogs’. By this they meant Italian and Greek immigrants. At that time they were also talking about the ‘lebbos’ and the Yu-Go-Slaavs’. Hopefully those communities have improved Australia. At that time the long term Australians had nothing to write home about in terms of looks, ( both male and female) or culture. They also kept repeating a ‘joke ‘ to me which ran along the lines of ‘How do you frighten a Pom?’ ( a Pom is an Englishman to them). The answer was ‘Show him a bar of soap’, – and then they would collapse into laughter. No wonder any Australian who has an ounce of talent leaves Australia and sets up in London or NYC, ( like Kylie Minogue, Adam Garcia, ( and he got racism too), Kate Blanchett, Judy Davies, Russell Crowe, ( NZ born), Guy Pierce, ( English born), Natalie Imbrugglia, ( also went through racist hell at school because she had dark Italian eyes), and Germaine Greer. Who could blame them, and Australia is still being racist, even in Sydney and Melbourne, by threatening tourist who don’t speak ‘English’, on Melbourne trams and Sydney local transports, with ‘death’. This is how Australia is coming across to the world. Racist/Sexist/pandering to China. IS that how you want your country to be acknowledged?

  2. Philippe says:

    “French” is a race? Nonsense….

  3. niculcilechecul says:

    You used to like Crocodile Dundee… Here is Crocodile Dumbee.

    • Lucien Bon Berger says:

      hello , sorry if my english isn’t so fluent than I like.
      I’m french , a base one, so.
      For me austaralie is one of the last place in the world sympathetic, because crocodile dundee(off course ) and marsupians!
      It was amazing for me than we can be the object of racists.
      We are frenchs , we invent the modern republic , the democracy; the human rights. Yes we’re not perfect but at least WE RESPECT anglo-saxons people . I hope to come in your contry but if a man talk to me like this I show him the french honnour ,) Maybe this guy remenber that we won the rugby match ,) And by the way , talking like this to a woman is just atrocious.I can’t stand in front that kind of temper
      Australian friends , don’t panic we know that you are a great nation with a tradition of rigor and friendly temper and we have also the same monkey in our own contry
      I hope that you understand what i meant

      • Dupond says:

        @Lucien Bon Berger :

        Do not confuse your own arrogance Republican Socialist French with the French.

        It is because of people like you I occult abroad my French nationality.

        No, the world is not just a village and abroad does not have to be accepted that wherever he goes in the world, it is rather to be accepted wherever he goes in the world.

        When a friend invites you to his house, you do not proclaim your own home and act as the Maghreb in France do not have to raise their Algerian flags and sing their dinghy in our bus to Paris, the French have not sing in French, in the Australian bus.

        Moreover, the Republic became a bloodbath, Marianne (the woman emblem of French republican regime) has his hands covered in blood, between genocide Vendée or the valleys of the Rhone.

        The French Republic abolished democracy, free schools, free trade …

        Our future should be that of Switzerland if the French Republic did not like you it seems, proclaimed the New Man (marxism).

        While this is certainly far understandings Australia, but do not say republic, democracy, human rights, France and French in the same sentence, because the link is criminal.

        Long live the king, long live direct democracy.

        Long Live the Commonwealth.

  4. Dupond says:

    I’m French and I would post this review as it must put things in order.

    It seems to me that the Australian people is legitimately Disagree with Australian migration policy, as the French people in France itself Disagree with migration policy of the French government.

    It follows that everyday French in France, but also in Australia Australians are forced to suffer dyschronies civilizations, unintentional injuries, or antagonisms and misunderstandings immigrants.

    In France, as in Australia, the native is forced to adapt to the immigrant and the native end up not being at home, but abroad, being abroad came to him and having changed his country.

    There would not he a bit of everything in this attack?

    If everyday you are stripped of your culture, your customs, daily if you do not know to be, if every day you can no longer live as the way to be changed due to the presence of immigrants importing various anthropological structures or erroneous, how would you react ?

    In French we have a saying “this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Maybe this attacker suffers the daily insults are the dyschronies immigration, perhaps he suffers no longer understand those immigrants with whom he has to live, maybe he suffers every day these immigrants themselves and despise do not even try to understand it, while he is the aboriginal home generously immigrants.

    Maybe this abuser suffers his generosity to accept immigrants, is not recognized by these immigrants, who relish the chance to colonize and impose their own customs and anthropological structures!

    Blame this act of racism is ridiculous and dangerous, it is probably not racism, but anthropology.

    Migration policy is supposed to organize the assimilation and not Darwinism gregarious immigrants.

    When I would go australia, I would not impose my French culture peoples Australians, but I’m curious and grateful to each of them for me to share what they are, allow me to adapt the best of each.

    So this whole affair demonstrates the misunderstandings of Western civilization, because while we all acknowledge each other of racism, there are erroneous anthropological structures, such as Islam (a religion Nazi as we see every day in France and Europe ) or scientism (the religion of the almighty science, which leads to the destruction of man by nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons etc..) that strain everywhere in the West, in France and Australia.

    Thank you for reading and I apologize for my approximate mastery of English, I’m just a French writer in front of the Eiffel Tower.