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Assange safer in Stockholm than the UK, Bob Carr says

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has said there is no evidence to support the claim Julian Assange would face extradition to the US from Sweden, stating Assange would be safer from extradition in Stockholm than the United Kingdom.


Juilan Assange safer in Stockholm than the UK, Bob Carr says.
THE proposition that the United States intend to extradite Julian Assange is “ludicrous” according to US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich.

“There is the sense that the United States are pursuing Julian Assange. Julian Assange was in London living freely for two years. If the United States had wanted to extradite him they could have done so,” said Ambassador Bleich.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has also dismissed the risk that Assange will be further extradited to the US if extradited to Sweden as “sheer fantasy”.

“The Sweds have won in the UK courts. It’s nothing to do with WikiLeaks. It’s about a criminal allegation made in Sweden and that’s why he’s in the Ecuadorian Embassy.”

During the ABC program Q&A, Senator Carr repeatedly insisted that Assange being in the Ecuadorian Embassy was a matter between the Swedish Courts and Assange, not the USA.

Assange was granted asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in London on the grounds he was at risk of extradition to the US to face conspiracy charges if removed to Sweden. Sweden is seeking his extradition for questioning regarding sexual assault allegations.

Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño endorsed Assange’s fears of extradition to the US when it was announced in June 2012 that Ecuador had decided to grant Assange diplomatic asylum.

Patiño cited “strong evidence” that Assange faced possible “retaliation by the country or countries that produced the information,” noting that such retaliation “may endanger [his] safety, integrity, and even his life.”

According to Carr, the “conspiracy” that if extradited to Stockholm, Assange will be then be extradited to USA is unfounded. In fact, Carr says that Assange will be safer in Sweden than in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Based on recent efforts made by the Australian government to ensure Assange is treated with due process by the Swedish courts, Senator Carr stated that Sweden had replied by saying that it is their policy that they “never extradite someone on a matter related to military or intelligence.”

“If the Swed’s had him in Stockholm he’d been even more…harder for the US to extradite, if that’s what they wanted to do than he’s been for the last two years in the United Kingdom,” says Senator Carr.

Senator Carr also said that despite Australia having no legal standing on the issue he has offered to help the British and Swedish governments find a diplomatic solution to this ongoing problem.




  1. thomas vesely says:

    the aussies have provided military bases for the U$A. they will not protect julian in any meaningful way.

  2. Emma Goldstein says:

    Dear Senator Carr:

    I am writing to thank you for your brave stance against that dreadful Mr. Assange and his horrid WikiLinks. In my three and a half decades as a psychiatric social worker, I have never seen such an advanced case of paranoia as that exhibited by Mr. Assange.

    According to the DSM-IV, paranoia is characterized by suspiciousness and mistrust of others, self-referencing, bearing grudges, isolated withdrawal, interpreting others’ actions as hostile, and a tenacious sense of personal right. Paranoid individuals think they are in danger and look for signs of that danger.

    Consider, for example, the so-called “Collateral Murder” video released by LikiWeaks. The United States military is run by white Christian men who speak English. They are good. The “victims” are dark-skinned people who speak a foreign language and do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. Therefore they are bad, as evinced by their bringing children onto a battlefield. This “footage” is clearly a video game.

    Mr. Assange seems convinced that the United States government has subpoenaed TwinkyLinks supporters before a “secret grand jury,” and has a “secret indictment” against him. If they were secret, how could he know about them?

    Mr. Assange also insists that representatives of Australia and the United States talk about him and RinkyDinks at their meetings. As if they had nothing better to do! The belief that people are talking about you behind your back is a classic symptom of paranoia.

    As Prime Minster Gillard has pointed out, there is no moral purpose to the documents released by TiddlyWinks. No self-respecting Australian should vote for a man who roams the world in his yacht, extracting thousands of pounds from clueless followers, condomlessly seducing women, molesting young girls, and hacking into grandmothers’ bank accounts.

    I remain your most humble and obedient servant,

    Sophie Goldstein, MSW (ret.), DSFA