Go Hard or Go Home: A very sunny disposition

Go Hard or Go Home: A very sunny disposition

In the past year or so I’ve met my fair share of stereotypically conservative, whingeing, grumpy Brits. You know the ones.

Just like we Aussies have a reputation for being badly dressed, racist and loud, Poms are known, fairly or not, for being less sociable and more likely to complain.

But in recent weeks, Londoners who fit the glum British stereotype have been more difficult to find.
And it seems we have Mother Nature (or climate change) to thank.

When the sun finally decides to come out of hibernation and show itself each year, so too do the Poms.
In the few grassy spots in the centre of the City, bankers and other corporate types can be seen laughing, drinking and picnicking (often topless) on their lunch breaks.

The Brits are shedding their ‘glum’ exteriors (along with their clothes) and retrieving their party shoes from the back of the wardrobe.

And after that long, dark, miserable winter, who could blame them.

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All my life I’ve felt cold when the temperature is below 25 degrees, but now being a Londoner, when the weather girl promises “15 degrees with sunny spells”, I too can be found basking in the sunshine, swearing I’ll never take it for granted again.

Let’s face it; anything is better than a maximum of -2.

Watching all these happy, outgoing Brits emerge after the depressing winter has got me thinking.
Maybe the conservative, whiney nature the British are known for can all be traced back to the weather.

If the Poms were forced to relocate to a warmer climate, would their outgoing, happy summertime personalities become permanent?

In the same vein, would moving Australia closer to other countries help us overcome ‘racism’?

And surely being closer to the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London would do wonders for our ‘bad’ fashion sense.
Maybe that old saying ‘you can take the bloke out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the bloke’ would ring true.

Because I know some Australians wouldn’t trade their Stubbie shorts, Bonds wifebeaters and Big W rubber thongs for the world.

Meanwhile, it’s 15 degrees and not raining, so this Aussie girl is heading outside.

This ‘summer’ won’t last long.



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