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Jackman and Crowe hit London for Les Miserables premiere

Les Miserables stars, including Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe, dazzle at film’s London premiere.


Les Miserables

THE premiere of Les Miserables was sparkling with glitz and glamour as stars Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried joined Australian actors Hugh Jackman and Russell Crow to hit the red carpet in London.

Crowe and Jackman looked dashing in their suits, appearing for the premier at Leicester Square’s Odeon cinema on Wednesday night. Jackman described London as “the spiritual home of the musical,” and According to MTV, “the perfect place for the film’s premiere”.

“It’s the most French story ever written, and I guess this is where it really took life,” said the Aussie film star, referring to Les Miserables’ epic and still going 27 year run on the London stage.

The dazzling Amanda Seyfried, who plays Cosette, dressed in Balenciaga was showing off her elegant blonde tresses in an array of side-swept curls.

Anne Hathaway described her role as Fantine, in the new movie adaptation of the theater show, as her “dream” job and claimed she would’ve done anything for the part, according to The Telegraph

“I didn’t have to pull out my teeth, but no one asked, so yes, I would do anything,” admitted the actress.

Hathaway, who was signing autographs for fans, wore a jewelled Givenchy gown with a Navy Burberry cape. Her long brunette hair cut into a stylish short bob for the role as the lanky factory worker-turned-prostitute.

Les Miserables will open in UK cinemas on 11 January 2013.