Australia ranked as 2nd best place in the world to be born in 2013

Australia ranked as 2nd best place in the world to be born in 2013

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, a think-tank associated with The Economist, Australia is the second best place to be born in 2013 after Switzerland.

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THE ECONOMIST Intelligence Unit where-to-be-born index 2013 ranked Australia as the second best place to be born after Switzerland.

The quality-of-life index combined qualitative life-satisfaction surveys — how happy say they are – with quantitative data such as income, crime figures, life expectancy, unemployment rates, climate, and membership of social organisations.

Being wealthy helps with subjective life-satisfaction, however the study found other things like crime and trust in public institutions count as well. The index takes into account 11 indicators and attributes a score out of 10 to each country. Australia scores 8.12 out of 10, with Switzerland receiving 8.22. Following Australia on the list is Norway (8.09), Sweden (8.02) and Denmark (8.01).

The UK ranked 27th with a score of 7.01.

In the original 1988 survey, the USA held the no.1 spot, the UK was at no.7, Switzerland was at no.13, and Australia was at no.18.  These results included the ‘philistine factor’ for cultural poverty and the ‘yawn index’ if a country was considered boring.  Both Australia and Switzerland scored poorly in these categories.

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