12 quick tips for Australians visiting America

12 quick tips for Australians visiting America

Have you decided to take a vacation to the United States? Visiting America is a thrilling experience that everyone should experience.

From the east to the west coast, the U.S is home to spectacular natural wonders and the world’s most famous cities.

If you are about to book your ticket to the States, then read through these twelve quick tips to help you enjoy your vacation and stay safe on your travels.

  1. Always be Aware in Cities

Don’t wander around in large cities like New York, especially after dark.

  1. Remember Your Paperwork

Keep a colour copy of your passport on you at all times.

  1. Understand the Culture

Respect the flag, the servicemen, and the American patriots.

  1. Hire a Car

Hiring a car will save you thousands in travel costs. Cabs in cities can charge extortionate rates, and that’s before you have to tip them. If you hire a car or even buy a cheap one for a few hundred dollars, just remember that you will have to pump your own gasoline.

  1. Bring Extra Money

America is an expensive country to travel in. Plan your budget and then bring extra, as you will probably spend more than you think you will.

  1. Don’t bother Negotiating

The prices in America are fixed, you will even have a tough time negotiating at a flea market or yard sales. It’s important to note that the sales tax varies in different states and the sticker price does not include the sales tax. Add an extra 5% to your prices, and you should be good to go in most cases.

  1. Respect Personal Space

It is common courtesy not to stand too close to people unless you are in a crowded space, try to stay with half a meter to a meter away from people.

  1. Be Careful on the Roads

Americans rely on adhering to the rules of the road more than they do the environment around them. Be cautious in this environment as American drivers can be oblivious to motorcycles and other periphery traffic.

  1. Take Out Travel and Health Insurance

The cost of medications and medical assistance is outrageous. Make sure that you are protected from being preyed upon by the medical industry. Inform your health insurance provider at home of your travel activities.

  1. The Tap water is safe, mostly.

Unless you are visiting Flint, Michigan, then it will be safe to drink the tap water in most American cities. We recommend that it’s better to drink purified, or bottled water for your health. However, it is good to know you have another option if you are out and can’t find a store. Ask your bartender or hotel concierge if the local water supply is drinkable.

  1. Americans tip and so should you.

Americans that work in the service industry receive the minimum wage, or less in some cases. They rely on tips to make their living, so remember to add a gratuity to your bill in a restaurant and tip your cabbie after a ride.

  1. Organize Your ESTA

Before you book your ticket, you will have to arrange your visa. Australians do not need to apply for a full visa. Your Australian citizenship means that you can work and stay in America without the need to request a work visa. Just complete an esta application. ESTA is a simple access process that allows you to register yourself and your dependents with U.S immigration and customs control. Think of it as a gesture to let them know you are coming. Speak to a professional agent for more details about making your application.

Wrapping Up

The United States offers a travel experience for anyone of any age. Adults and children can enjoy the many wonders of this North American country. From the smiles and laughs at Disneyland to the hustle and bustle of New York City, there is an American experience to suit everyone.

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