Volcano Trekking

Volcano Trekking

Imaginative Traveller’s resident trekking guru Helene Cooper gives her brief insight into volcano trekking

Many of the great mountains around the world are volcanic (including Kilimanjaro) but the epitome of a real live volcano has to be mighty snow-capped Cotopaxi in Ecuador.

The scenery here is simply incredible with tropical lowlands and Amazon rainforest rising through lush terraced hillsides to barren volcanic scree and glacier-covered live volcanoes. With this variety and colour the entire country is a living geography lesson.

Ease of access to the mountains makes it even more bizarre – you can be in the centre of the capital Quito in the morning, and at 4800m halfway up the slopes of Cotopaxi a few hours later! See it for yourself on our Ecuador Discovered tour.

In Indonesia, on Gunung Batur in Bali, (see our Indonesian Paradise tour), I became so frustrated by the ‘one step up, two steps down’ technique on the volcanic scree I actually turned round midway. 

However, as had happened in Peru, I discovered that ascending was actually easier than descending. I turned back round again and summited a few hours later only to be greeted by a wizened old lady who had carried a crate of bottled water up and was now selling them for a “very good price” at the crater rim – how pathetic did that make me feel!

Perhaps our most unique volcano trek though has to be Oldoinyo Lengai, a holy mountain in the scenic Crater Highlands and Tanzania’s only active volcano.  You can climb this as an option on our very unique People of Africa tour.

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