Should you book a summer staycation?

Should you book a summer staycation?

A traditional summer gander abroad, or a local romp during your time off work? A staycation could very well be on the cards for some of us this year.

Whether you’re an ex-pat living in the UK or a born-and-bred Brit, summer certainly carries with it an endless string of choices.

Do you buy cloudy or clear lemonade? Head for the beach or the pool? And most importantly, do you have the kids at home or send them off to live with the grandparents just to get some peace and quiet? Turns out it’s been getting hotter and hotter recently – so hot that you might not even need a traditional ‘holiday.’

When the weather’s this nice, your front doorstep is just as pleasant as Madrid after all. So we pose a fourth choice: to stay or to go? A traditional summer gander abroad, or a local romp during your time off work? A staycation could very well be on the cards for some of us this year.

Sun’s Out, Shirts Off: The Benefits

The idea of a staycation tends to make a whole lot of sense when you think about it: rather than paying for expensive flights, hotels and foreign experiences, you take the car out around your own country and enjoy the sites and scenes previously ignored. When you have been living in the UK for a while it come become rare that you get to see it as a tourist, minus work and outside commitments on your mind, but with a visit anywhere in the summer holidays – be it Brighton, Liverpool, or the Whitby shore – it gets infinitely better because of the time of year. You save money (always important), you are familiar with the area, the food, and best of all the language, and if anything goes wrong your living room is just an hour or two away. Your homemade ultimate Jamie Oliver bacon sarnie could even be for breakfast if you’re willing to drive back and forth.

A staycation could be a few days off and a trip to the local zoo. It could be a trip to Edinburgh or even a house swap with friends from one city to another. The important thing is that it gets you to relax in your local environment, seeing it in a new light.

Summer Health

Regardless of where you find yourself in the summer months, however, you should always take precautions for your health. Just because you’re downtown in your adopted country rather than the Florida Keys doesn’t mean the UV rays go away. Never underestimate the sun. Words for all Aussies to live by.

AT Staycation Inset


Fear mongering aside, there are plenty of easy ways to protect yourself. Regular applications of sunscreen on your face and body for all family members is a great place to start (some Paula’s Choice products even come with joint moisturiser), just make sure that if you’re taking a dip in the water that you reapply afterwards. Sunglasses can shield your eyes too, and quality contact lens technology can keep them in top condition, maintaining eye health and sight in the brightest of weathers. Daily contact lenses are available from Vision Direct with ease for example– bear in mind that you’ll have to pre-plan if you want them available, but not to worry, buying lenses online of all types is quick and easy so long as you have your prescription handy. Combo them with glasses, a big floppy hat and you’ll be safe as can be for your commute down to the local coast/historical town/spa.

A Short Commute

Remember, a staycation doesn’t mean staying in your back garden (unless that’s what you want!) It means getting out, adventuring, and taking the day in your stride! Your hunt for relaxation could be closer than you think this summer. In fact, it could be right under your nose, safe from airport queues, highway traffic and the dreaded pocket French dictionary.

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