Seven benefits of EU citizenship you probably haven’t considered

Seven benefits of EU citizenship you probably haven’t considered

European passports are amongst the most powerful passports in the world. German passport holders can travel to 157 countries without a visa, with other EU countries, including Poland, not far behind.

Not everyone will agree with me but the European Union, with all its faults and recent challenges, including Brexit, has been good for Europe. The quality of life including health care, employment opportunities and education is high. We seem to have found peace. We remain a dynamic cultural and economic global powerhouse, with an internal single market open to over 500 million citizens and residents. And we value the freedoms, rights and legal protections the EU membership provides.

European passports are highly attractive, especially amongst young professionals, investors, early retirees and high net individuals. In fact, some European countries such as Malta or Cyprus offer special citizenship programs for business migrants, who pay up to 2M Euro for the privilege.

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European passports are amongst the most powerful passports in the world. German passport holders can travel to 157 countries without a visa, with other EU countries, including Poland, not far behind.

Since 2004, when several new countries, including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, gained membership of the EU, citizenship through descent has opened new doors to many people of Polish heritage. Those whose ancestors left due to political, personal or economic reasons decades before, can now reclaim their citizenship and reconnect with their ancestral lands. Whilst the process itself can sometimes be bureaucratic and frustrating, the benefits of having an EU passport far outweighs the inconvenience of having to deal with governmental authorities.

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Being able to hold a second passport is more desirable and attractive to people with of Polish descent than ever before as it opens doors to educational and employment mobility, financial opportunities and civic rights in the EU. But let’s look at some of the less commonly known benefits of having an EU citizenship.

1. Privacy

According to some estimates, the annual value of European citizens’ personal data could reach €1 trillion by 2020. The EU has been concerned about how our data is collected and managed for some time and has recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It represents one of the most robust data privacy laws in the world, protecting citizens’ fundamental rights to privacy. GDPR covers data collection, storage and usage, including the right to data portability, which allows individuals to move their personal data from one service provider to another. EU regulations offer a layer of privacy regarding taxation that is not available in many parts of the world. Privacy laws in Poland are even stricter than elsewhere in Europe and many people value this level of personal protection above anything else.

2. Safety

Health and safety laws are very strict throughout Europe. The EU has one of the world’s toughest product and food safety regulations. National authorities send information about dangerous products found on the market to the rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products. The EU is also committed to the detection of unsafe products before they are sold to consumers. In the EU, employers need to ensure free health and safety for workers in every aspect of their work.

3. Identity

With an EU passport, you can call yourself European. Not that there is anything wrong with being Australian, Canadian or American of course but European heritage gives you prestige and cultural benefits. Sentimental value that comes from reconnecting with your European roots cannot be quantified yet is one of the most beneficial aspects of reclaiming EU citizenship by descent.

4. Fast tracking through customs

If you’ve ever had to stand in a long queue with non-EU citizens before getting out of the airport, you will appreciate having an EU passport even more.

5. Plan B

In today’s dynamic and somewhat unstable political environment, an EU passport allows unlimited travel, safe passage and consular assistance for you and your family in situations beyond your control.

6. A gift for your children and grandchildren

Polish citizenship can be passed onto your children and grandchildren, opening a world of opportunities to them.

7. Career opportunities

European employers look for mobile, culturally aware, bilingual professionals with experience in international settings. They prefer to work with dual citizens as they do not need visas. Business owners with dual citizenship benefit from the single economic EU zone without facing the restrictions applied by non-EU citizens.


By Eva Hussain, CEO Polaron European Citizenship

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