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Kevin Rudd

PM Rudd sets new Labor agenda

The 14 September Australian federal election date is in doubt as Kevin Rudd puts together a new cabinet and reshapes Labor’s message. Mr Rudd was sworn in as prime minister by Governor-General Quentin Bryce in Canberra on Thursday morning.

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Stay classless, Australia

It is hard for an Aussie to live in the UK and not notice the pervasive influence of class, woven into the cultural fabric of English society. Whilst the idea of an Australian classless society may be an 'egalitarian myth' , it is, as CATHERINE BURRELL argues, an important part ...


When you wish upon an ARIA

The 2011 ARIAs are in the bag. This year's instalment definitely made up for last year’s disappointing socks and jocks award ceremony. As the winners retreat to their accountants' offices to calculate how many units they'll move tomorrow and the losers retreat to the bar, we take stock of Australian ...

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