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Welcome to Chris’s Kitchen

CHRIS'S KITCHEN | Australian Times is pleased to introduce a new regular columnist, Australian chef Chris Ark. An expert in the kitchen but also supremely knowledgeable in the perfect paddock-to-pan transition, Chris has relied on 15 years of experience to make him into one of the most exciting Aussie chefs ...

The Art of Manliness

In recent years, manliness has found itself under assault by make-up companies, diet gurus and even breweries. But there are a group of Aussie men who are bringing the fight to the UK. Men, manly men!

Queensland - Cairns

Hot jobs in sunny Queensland

Whatever your reasons might be for packing up and heading off, you might like to know that the Queensland Government is currently looking to fill over 150,000 job vacancies in various locations and vocations.

Why Poms move to Oz

For many Poms heading to Australia, the attraction is in the idea of absolute escape. But for the Brit who wants to move to Australia permanently, the attraction is less tied to an idea of exploration and the exotic.

I heart Kiwis

GO HARD OR GO HOME: There's a myth here in the UK that Australians and Kiwis don’t get along. I’d never heard of this so-called rivalry until I moved to the UK and, well, I really don’t like it.

Brimful of Asher

Aussie comedian Asher Treleaven describes his new show Matador, as a "socially responsible comedy with cock jokes". But he won’t hold back when he takes to London stages this week and bluntly asks the question: why are Australians a little bit racist?

What you willy want

The Aussies who brought the art of genital origami to the world are back! Puppetry of the Penis returns to the UK for an eye-opening and incredible four month tour.

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