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The man behind the tape

It takes a great show to sell out a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but takes an even greater show to come back the next year with the same show, upgrade to a larger venue and sell it out once again. That's exactly what The Boy With Tape On ...

Snowtown: a grizzly but awesome Aussie film

It was the story that painted South Australia as the serial killer capital of Australia and made a small country town a tourist attraction for all the wrong reasons. The “bodies in the barrels” case was seemingly made to be portrayed as a Saw style horror film yet director Justin ...

Lachie Chapman is a Gambling Man

When Sydney boy Lachie Chapman moved to London six years ago, little did he know the drastic direction his life would soon take. Now a member of the hugely successful singing group The Overtones, the booming baritone told TIM MARTIN just what it’s like to be a UK hit.

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A gag too far

RIGHT SAID ED | Australians living in the UK are a fairly tight community. We drink together, we play together, we travel together and together we reserve the right to whinge about the weather and whinge about the whinging Poms.

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Chasing an Indian summer

RIGHT SAID ED | I'm not too sure whether to love an 'Indian summer' or not! Of course I love any opportunity when the sun decides to shine in England and I can do as the Poms do and find the nearest green space, strip naked and marinate in the ...

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Welcome to Chris’s Kitchen

CHRIS'S KITCHEN | Australian Times is pleased to introduce a new regular columnist, Australian chef Chris Ark. An expert in the kitchen but also supremely knowledgeable in the perfect paddock-to-pan transition, Chris has relied on 15 years of experience to make him into one of the most exciting Aussie chefs ...

The Art of Manliness

In recent years, manliness has found itself under assault by make-up companies, diet gurus and even breweries. But there are a group of Aussie men who are bringing the fight to the UK. Men, manly men!

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