I love Dubbo — I do, I do, I do…

I love Dubbo — I do, I do, I do…

An English couple is taking “I Love Dubbo” to a whole new level by staging their wedding there next month. Fun loving Julie Lovell and Matthew Harrington have declared Dubbo “a magical place” and can’t wait to share its local attractions with their international guests.

The London-based couple has created a website about Dubbo and their forthcoming nuptials, to be held in the Round Room at Dubbo RSL at the end of next month. A reception will follow on the club’s rooftop terrace.

Julie was born in America, grew up in Brisbane and lived in Canberra, Melbourne, Japan and Israel before moving to England.
As a child she was taken on extensive road trips across Australia with her father and siblings.

“I was constantly told ‘We’ll stop when we get to Dubbo’, ‘You can go to the loo when we get to Dubbo’, ‘You can have lunch when we get to Dubbo’,’’ Julie said.

“It was very clear that this wonderful western NSW town was where you got just what you wanted.’’

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On hearing this story Matthew decided Dubbo was like Christmas, where dreams really do come true.

He has conducted extensive research about Dubbo, reads Dubbo’s local paper the Daily Liberal online and is excited that one local area is called Bunglegumbie.

Matthew is looking forward to making the acquaintance of Julie’s Australian family and friends, and has been researching likely conversation topics including drop bears (a fictitious Australian marsupial), coin-operated public barbecues, Paul Kelly, Australian cinema “and those little wetsuit covers you put your beer in’’.

When deciding on a wedding location Matthew and Julie considered a range of places, from Gretna Green to Colombo, Havana to Antananarivo.

“When all was said and done, though, it was just impossible to resist the many and varied charms of Dubbo, the City of Smiles,” they said.

Mayor Allan Smith is only too happy to sing Dubbo’s praises and regards Matthew and Julie’s “Dubbo or bust” wedding website as great publicity.

“It’s really good to see that Dubbo provides such great holiday experiences for families and children,’’ he said.

“So much so that the bride and groom are travelling so far to have their wedding here. I am sure they will enjoy their special day and reception in Dubbo. We look forward not only to the wedding but maybe the couple returning to the city or the region to live in the future.’’

Dubbo marriage celebrant Sue Curley will perform the official duties at a ceremony designed to be short, sweet and informal.

“Julie and Matthew want everything relaxed, simple and fun with as little fuss and formality as possible,’’ Sue said.

“Everything has been organised via the internet and I’ve built up a great rapport with Julie because she is a very good communicator with a delightful sense of humour.

“Every wedding is unique in its own way but Julie and Matthew are going all out to make their big day something very special.’’

The couple will fly into Australia from London on April 20. A pre-wedding party will be held in Brisbane on April 25.

Julie and Matthew will be in Dubbo from April 27 to May 1 and after a week-long honeymoon plan to visit Melbourne for three days before flying home to London on May 13.

Julie is a lawyer who works in public affairs. She likes books, live music, cricket, politics, history, exploring, having adventures, trivia and telling stories.

Matthew was born and bred in London and still lives near the tree he used to climb as a lad. He works for the English National Opera. Matt loves scuba diving, books, plays, radio documentaries, pub quizzes, cooking and travelling.

Julie and Matt are urging wedding guests to take the time to explore Dubbo and recommend Western Plains Zoo, the Shoyoen Japanese Gardens and (Julie’s favourite) Traintasia model railway.

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