Homeless bloke ‘borrows’ a blanket and returns it with the sweetest note

Homeless bloke ‘borrows’ a blanket and returns it with the sweetest note

A homeless Australian broke into a car in Redfern to steal a blanket. He later broke back into the same car to return the itchy blanket and leave a polite thank you note.

Australian great-grandfather, Bert Palin, did not realise that his car had been broken into while he was visiting family in Redfern. The next day he found a little note from the thief in his boot.

The 82-year-old was getting his wife’s walker out of the boot when he noticed their picnic blanket neatly folded with a note, which read:

“Hi, I borrowed your blanket for a little while because I was cold and didn’t have anywhere to go. I hope you accept my apology for taking your stuff without asking.
Kind regards, Blankt theif :)
P.S. the blank is really itchy.”

Palin said there was no sign of any forced entry or damage to the car.

“The boot just had a plastic clasp that must have been easy to open,” Palin told the NT News.

He was amazed at what had happened and has been passing the note around for all to see. He even washed the blanket after that because he was concerned about it being so itchy.

IMAGE: Stock photo via Shutterstock.com/Photographee.eu


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