Month: February 2011

Side by side with New Zealand

Aussie rescue workers continue to help in the search amongst the rubble in Christchurch while up to 300 Australian officers are set to officially become members of the New Zealand police force to help with law enforcement in the quake stricken area.

Kick back Caribbean style

Looking to escape and lie on a beach this winter? The Caribbean is most likely one of the possible destinations that springs to mind. Some of these beautiful islands have more than just gorgeous beaches - they present adventure and unique cultures, some of which are less than an hour ...

Assange to be extradited

Following more than two days of hearings this month at a London magistrate's court, Judge Howard Riddle ordered that the 39-year-old Australian and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be sent to Stockholm to face charges of rape and sexual assault.

Over the top for Oprah

OVER HERE: Is it just me or did other expats Over Here, think that Australia over-reacted to Oprah’s visit? Watching Oprah was my guilty afternoon pleasure when I wasn’t working back home, but when I recently watched the Northern Territory’s film thanking Oprah for visiting, I had to wonder what ...

Make yourself at home

When you’re an Aussie entertainer and you first arrive in the UK, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Luckily there’s a platform like Sunday in the Apartment, a cosy home afternoon showcase of Aussie performers that’s part chat show, part cabaret.

Casey Donovan: Ready to shine

Watching Casey Donovan on stage as Cynthia Macrae in the Motown-era musical The Sapphires, one thing is clear. The shy, somewhat awkward sixteen year old whose beautiful voice made her an unexpected Australian Idol winner six years ago is gone.

On the inside

In 2004, Australian journalist Kathryn Bonella was sent to Bali to cover one of the biggest stories Australia had ever seen — the trial of Schapelle Corby. Her book, Hotel K is now on release in Britain.

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