Wine-related gift ideas and gadgets to buy for enthusiasts this festive season

Wine-related gift ideas and gadgets to buy for enthusiasts this festive season

Many people who love to enjoy a bottle of wine are not necessarily those with the greatest knowledge of grape varieties, regions of growth or harvesting periods that a connoisseur would have.

But it really doesn´t make a difference, because what matters is their love for the beverage, and during the season of giving they become the easiest people for whom to buy a gift.

Talking about the myriad complexities associated with wine production, these days gadgets and tools have popped up to help wine lovers handle, store and even preserve their favourite beverage without expert knowledge. The following is a list of possible gift ideas to keep in mind when shopping for family and friends who are amateur wine connoisseurs. Read on for a list of gadgets and wine-related gift items that will help  the vino aficionado´s love of the beverage to blossom.

An Electric Wine Opener

The most daunting challenge to enjoying a bottle of wine could just be to open it. For bottles that are corked – there is genuinely an art behind opening it. However, have no fear, as the electric wine opener available at any Wine online store is sure to get any wine fanatic excited. The openers are usually stainless steel and come in varieties that are battery operated or rechargeable. The electric corkscrew will remove the hassle associated with pulling out the cork when opening a bottle.

A Set of Vacuum Stoppers to Preserve Wine

Once a bottle of wine is opened, it is customary to see it to its end. Unless preserved properly, the wine will not have the same flavour the second time around. Wine preservers and vacuum stoppers are a must-have for any enthusiastic wine consumer. With proper usage, the remainder of a bottle of wine could be preserved for about a week. The stoppers are placed over the mouth of the opened bottle and pumped a few times to draw out any air and then tightly sealed.  This is also a good gift for those who like to cook using wine, as only a small amount is required and the rest is stored.

Wine Aerator Decanter

It really matters little whether you understand the intricacies of this theory or not, but as many consumers know, red wines need a bit of aeration to ´breathe´. This is apparently to help enhance the flavours of a red wine and this is said to be the best possible way to achieve it. In layman’s terms, it simply means transferring a bottle of wine to a decanter prior to it being consumed. At each pouring, the glass of wine is fully aerated. Decanters can be a bit costly but they are worth the purchase.

A Wine Aerator Pourer

An alternative to a rather expensive purchase of a decanter could be an aerated pour. Any wine lover can fix the pourer to the open neck of a bottle and begin pouring out glassfuls of aerated wine. For each glass poured out of an air-infusing pourer, the wine is thought to become richer in flavour and texture.

The accessories above are just some of the basics to get any enthusiastic wine consumer on the road to discovery.  Wine drinking and tasting is a wide subject area with lots of learning opportunities, and your family and friends will no doubt be appreciative of the gift too.

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