Who has the most expensive groceries, Australia or the UK?

Who has the most expensive groceries, Australia or the UK?

INFOGRAPHIC: Compare the prices of groceries in Australia versus the UK. Who pays more to do the shopping?

Often we find ourselves complaining about absurd grocery prices, but which country is more expensive when it comes to filling your shopping bag: Australia or the United Kingdom?

We did a quick cost of living analysis of 10 common grocery items to compare the cost of one quick shopping trip in both countries. The results may surprise you.

We compiled the following infographic based on our findings. Prices are first given in the local currency, then in the foreign currency using today’s exchange rate of GBP£1.00 = AUD$1.90, so you can easily make the comparison.

So, which country’s bag of shopping costs the most?

Australia vs UK: Groceries cost of living comparison infographic

*Prices listed are average amounts. Most prices were taken from www.Numbeo.com, the world’s largest database of user contributed data.

Aussies shoppers pay more, but they earn more too

So Australia has the more expensive bag of groceries. But before you head back to Facebook to gloat that Britain is cheaper or to moan a bit more about how expensive it is Down Under, consider this:

  • Australian average gross weekly wage (Nov 2014, abs.gov.au): AUD$1477 (GBP£777)
  • Britain average gross weekly wage (Nov 2014, ons.gov.uk): GBP£489 (AUD$929)

This means – before paying tax, at least – Aussies can load up with 22 Australian Times shopping bags a week, while the average Brit gets just 16.


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