What to get an Aussie for Christmas

What to get an Aussie for Christmas

If you’re living in the land down under or you have to send a card there every year, then you’re aware Christmas isn’t the snowy season it’s advertised as usually.

If you’re living in the land down under or you have to send a card there every year, then you’re aware Christmas isn’t the snowy season it’s advertised as usually. You have sun instead of snow, sand where the ice should be and you’d overheat wearing a t-shirt let alone a thick Christmas jumper. So, instead of the traditional cosy hot chocolate packs and piles of socks, here’s a couple of ideas what you should get an Aussie for a Christmas pressie.


Australia is known for its waves and Aussies are known for surfing on them! With waves reaching up to eighteen feet, the beaches are well populated with locals and tourists all year around. So throw off the jumpers, grab your swimsuit and jump on a board. It’s time to sing ‘Merry Christmas’ dancing on the waves. Some top-notch boards can be found here.


Why eat inside when you can eat outside? That’s the motto of those with almost eternal sunshine (and who can blame them!) Australian’s love whipping out their ‘barbies’ and you can expect to find one in every home. So leave the stuffing balls at home and bring along some hot dogs, as well as their brand new BBQ Tool Set. Guaranteed to raise the cheers at Christmas.


Traditions shouldn’t be completely scrapped. Flowers are a great present for any occasion, whether accompanied by another gift or proudly displayed on their own. The sun is the sky highlights some of Australia’s beautiful plants, including two, named Christmas bush and Christmas bellflower for the season. And with places that do flower delivery in Melbourne, Sydney and all over, you can add cheer to a friend’s December without leaving the comfort of your home.


Another fail-safe item for Christmas, in sun or snow. Though Australians don’t need the warmth of the flames, they still enjoy the warmth it brings to each other. The most popular event around Christmas is called Carols by Candlelight, where people venture out beneath the starry sky to bring light with their candles and their carols. They sometimes substitute some of the words for more appropriate ones, especially in regard to the weather, but the festivities make for one of the most magical Christmas nights in the world. And it isn’t likely to rain either.

Rugby Tops

When they’re not pounding the waves, they’re pounding on the pitch. Rugby is one of the most popular sports down under and that’s because they’re good at it. With several teams including the Wallabies and Wallaroos, Australia has plenty of players to pick from when sending their All Blacks to the World Cup. It also means there’s a wide variety of shirts to buy for the crazy rugby man or woman of the family. The official rugby shop is the best place to go.

Though there may not be a snow cloud in the sky and there’s a fire on the beach instead of indoors, Christmas is still celebrated and loved by the people of Australia. And though you may not be able to fall back on the usual winter sets and tasteless jumpers for a present, it’s still easy to find what any Aussie wants for Christmas.

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