What are the most popular online games in Australia?

What are the most popular online games in Australia?

Online gaming is a big trend in Australia. So what are the most popular games of the moment?

Whether you like trying your luck with pokies or squaring off against formidable foes in a multiplayer action game, online gaming is a big trend in Australia. So what are the most popular games of the moment? Here’s a closer look at some of our favourites.

  1. Rocket League


If you’re like many Aussies abroad, Rocket League already has your heart with its international face-offs. It’s a brilliant concept really, featuring rocket-powered cars duking it out in a physics-defying game of football. Australian online players are mad for it, with all the fast and furious antics available. The action is speedy and things like gravity just don’t seem to apply here, since you can drive on the ceiling or change direction mid-air. When playing online, the game is also popular because of its teamwork dynamic reminiscent of all the best parts of AFL footy. You can play a one-off in a team of four, or invest your time in the full 36-week season mode.

  1. Online Slots

Over 75% of Australians gamble in some way each year, with online slots one of the most popular options. While live sports betting and online poker were banned earlier this year in Australia, online slot games are still a go with rules varying by state. Some of the most-played games are part of larger entertainment franchises, with action-based titles like Iron Man 2 and X-Men leading the pack. This is no surprise, when you look at the other popular games on this list. You can check out this selection of online slot games to see just how diverse the options are and test your luck.

  1. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds only made its debut in March, but since then it’s already sold over 10 million copies and ranks as the number one Australian game on Steam. Current stats show that 29.29% of Australian players in the past two weeks have played Battlegrounds online, and it’s also ranked as one of the top games in other countries including South Korea, China and the USA. It’s a truly global phenomenon at this point, offering an unbeatable adrenaline rush. The basic plot involves 100 people landing on an island. Players are given just 30 minutes to gather medical supplies, weapons and armour before the gory Battle Royale-style showdown begins.

  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Although it’s been around for some time now, Counter Strike continues to dominate the Australian and UK online gaming fields alike. It’s a classic first-person shooter game, where you work as part of a small team and face permanent character death. Each round is fairly short, which makes it easy to keep playing as you get drawn in for round after round. This version of Counter Strike was ranked on Stream as the number two game in Australia over the past two weeks, drawing in 22.75% of players.

  1. Dota 2

It would be impossible to include a list of online games without mentioning Dota 2, which like Battlegrounds has become a worldwide obsession. This game isn’t one that you just spend a few hours on. You can easily amass hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay learning all the tricks and strategies here. Like many online games, it’s a team-based structure similar to first-person shooting narratives. The basic goal is to destroy your enemy’s base, picking up gold and skills along the way as part of your team. However, actually playing Dota 2 is far more complex because of the array of heroes to choose from. There are over 100, each with at least four unique abilities or skills. To figure out which combinations work, you have to play again and again.

  1. Overwatch


Sydney recently hosted a final stage of the Overwatch World Cup at its Star Casino, drawing a crowd of over 2000. Set in a dystopian version of Earth, this addictive multiplayer online game pits six-player teams against a range of battles and challenges. Each round is fairly short, with the game’s fast pace setting you up to keep pushing forward without ever growing tired of it. The player base is now over 30 million, with top competitors drawing as many as 20 million viewers a month.

From spectator-friendly gaming competitions to mobile versions of your favourite slots, it’s clear we can’t get enough of our favourite games. This list is likely to continue evolving, with virtual reality set to be the next hot trend and many exciting new releases on the docket this year for online gaming fans.

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