VIDEO: Aussie train turns into a dance party

When a group of friends decided to cheer-up fellow commuters on morning train trip in Perth, he crossed a social barrier.

Self proclaimed ‘social artist’ Peter Sharp has some good karma coming his way.  Turning a boring morning train trip into a dance scene only ever before seen in a Disney movie Peter Sharp’s video of a toe-tapping train trip turned viral.

While people on the train normally avoid interacting, Sharp and eight of his friends decided to cross that painfully obvious line into other people’s comfort zones and changed lives – well moods at least.

Peter spoke to The Telegraph about that morning on the train in Perth “it occurred on a Saturday at around 11am. Around eight friends and I met at the train station and I debriefed them as to what and how we were about to start a dance party on the train.

“I asked them to wait at the station whilst I took the train to the next station. When I entered the following train with all of my friends already seated it made the entire situation more realistic.

“As for the reactions, we were totally blown away by how instantly people started to smile, laugh and get involved. As we arrived at the following stations people instantly got involved with the fun, there was very little resistance to this experience occurring.

“I admit, yes it required around eight friends to already know what was coming but once that ice was broken, the rest of the public were more than happy to get involved. This highlights some interesting questions about the social norm which we collectively choose to live inside of”.