Top 5 reasons why Australians move to the UK

There are many reasons Australians move to the UK, with London in particular having a great deal to offer talented young Aussies full of gumption and romance. Apart from travel and love, what are the other main reasons Aussies are moving over from Down Under?


THERE are many reasons why Aussies make their way to the UK, and travel is always a huge part of the decision making process. Cheap European flights and receiving wages in pounds is a great motivator for moving. Most of us manage to find a job where English is the principal language while others relish the opportunity to practice unused high school languages or the language nonna used to speak to us when we were little.

But some of us find ourselves over here without really owning up to the root cause of why we have moved hundreds of thousands of miles, and occasionally never move back. Here, we’ve listed our top five reasons Australians move to the UK. There may be many more, or a combination of all five. If you have a different reason, let us know what it is below or on our Facebook.

1. The big break-up

Most Australians that come over to the UK who end up staying for longer stints have typically suffered a devastating, heart wrenching, life-changing break-up. Even if the break-up happened a year or two ago they haven’t really recovered yet. Break-up refugees come with heavy baggage, so they are not really after a new relationship, but are up for lots of fun experiences. There’s no significant other to go home to and a new life in the UK equals a fresh start and a clean slate. Knowing you will never ever bump into you ex is also incredibly appealing.

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2. To break-up

No-one who moves to London with a significant other ever plans to break-up, but that is often exactly what happens. A big new city can be the make or break of a couple. The big move shake up can include house hunting, job hunting, shift work, and financial woes — all of which can be detrimental to a relationship. Not to mention all the pretty new things you will be meeting along the way. Whether the temptation to stray is high or the spider vein cracks in your relationship are just becoming more apparent, London can be the death of what seemed like a good relationship back home.

3. To fall in love

images (1)Just like Carrie Bradshaw who moved to New York to fall in love in Sex and the City, many twenty-something year-olds move to London to find love. Not nearly as romantic as Paris or Rome or even New York, London nonetheless has a different field of opportunity to offer. A cheeky Brit, a party-animal Scot or an Irish man or woman who makes you laugh till you think your sides will split, could be just the thing for a lonely heart. But it doesn’t stop there. London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world and you never know who you are going to meet. So keep an open mind and an open heart.

4. Travel

In a category of your own, absolutely none of the above applies to you. Dye-in-the-wool travellers are born not made. Your spirit for adventure has made the move to London seamlessly faultless, easy even. Your friends and family were not surprised when you announced you were making the move and they know you will be back when you have seen and done all you set out to do. Happy to travel solo, you easily infiltrate that large group of friends that have taken over your hostel dorm room. You love getting lost in the middle of a strange new city but mum always knows where you are and you can always Skype dad on his birthday.


5. Improve your resume

A combination of all of the above, you have your reasons for moving to the UK but few are privilege to that information. Regardless of why you move, you know a London stint will look great on your resume. Back home you have been struggling for years to get to that next stage of your career but never managed to reach that break through moment. London can open new doors and new opportunities with companies you could only ever dream of working for back home. Two or three years in London may also net enough income to save up a decent deposit for a house or you might just want to live it up and blow it all on lots of travelling.

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    1. grace says:

      top reason to move there.. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

    2. Allen L Jasson says:

      Here’s one slightly more substantial reason why Australians leave, often with a boot in the arse from fellow Australians who say “If you don’t like it then why don’t you leave?”:
      I suggest you set aside your consumerist trivia and gossip and embrace some moral reasoning.

    3. Sarah Blinco says:

      Great piece, thank you. And true. Not sure what you’re on about above, Allen, but it may surprise you to know that there is an intelligent, passionate set from Australia who truly relish a ‘London experience’ for many reasons. However, those the writer has identified here would have to be top of the list. It’s the best thing I ever did, and I’m a better person/employee/manager for the experience.

      • Allen L Jasson says:

        While you remain trapped in the myopia of being a better “employee/manager” you will never see Sarah – it belongs to another world you will find “too big to grasp”. Glad to see you at least put “person” first but as such you are limited to one third capacity. You need to study up on the implications of global corporate capitalism; start with a google search for “Monsanto bees”.

    4. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      This reads like something out of a Dolly magazine. How about life experience, expanding your horizons, change of direction /career/ lifestyle/ environment. Gap year / working holiday. Boredom at home / sick of the yobbo monoculture.

    5. Luke A says:

      I don’t know about coming here for love (or to get away from it) but in my opinion Aussies go to the UK for four things: travel, cultural experience, work experience and, prior to the 2007 GFC, the value of the “mighty” pound sterling.

    6. Allen L Jasson says:

      If we’re going to be subjective and entirely unscientific then who can judge. Bit this article seems to me to belong to the navel-gazing trivia world of consumer magazines dedicated to celebrity worship, cosmetics and weight-loss. The writer may be young, perhaps, but even so it spoils my illusions about the youth of today being more socially and politically savvy.
      It seems that all Australians ever wanted from the US (and were willing to trade their sovereignty and souls for it) was a slice of “Exceptionalism”.

    7. Agg says:

      It’s certainly not to deal with the utterly abysmally useless Home Office!!

    8. Shane says:

      Miss read the fine print on the marriage certificate. I have three years of my ten year sentence to go.


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